Second International IEEE Symposium
June 20th through 24th, 2005
Sardinia, Italy

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Symposium Theme and Goals:
Beyond Mass Storage - From Local to Global - Towards Globally Distributed Data to Support Global Collaborative Environments

The goal is to provide a forum to promote interaction between the principal communities that are developing communications, data management and storage technologies, and the major Global Science Communities that rely on current and future technologies to accomplish their missions. It arises from many informal discussions on the current state of “friendly chaos” and overlapping functionalities which hinder global collaborations. A move towards global data interoperability among the many communities generating the data (sensor networks, computational modeling and experimental devices) and the communities developing solutions for collecting, managing, distributing and preserving the data is needed. There are many problem domains, generic solutions, and potential ‘one of’ solutions that could benefit from focused interaction in an informal environment - the goal of this symposium.

The Symposium is organized around Featured Speakers to provide global views on the problems, needs and plans to achieve global connectivity, and panels to provide summarized information on Global Science Initiatives and projects using or needing global data access, technologies for collecting, managing and providing effective access to distributed data, and communities that are developing the critical software infrastructure.

We plan to hold the following Topical Panels:

  • Managing distributed data (including data grids)
    Example projects include EGEE - gLite, e-Science Data Grid, Worldwide Universities Network, Storage Resource Broker
  • Digital Library Evolution
    Example projects include Diligent, Delos, JISC, UK Text Mining Center, DSpace, Fedora
  • Preservation Environments
    Example projects include ERPAnet, NARA prototype persistent archive, UK Digital Curation Center
  • Real World Applications
    Example projects include Biomedical Informatics. Research Netrwork, Environmental Data Exchange, Global Earth Observation System, High Seas Networks, Real Time Sensor Networks, CERN, IVOA
  • Cyberinfrastructure
    Examples include DEISA, ECMWF, Global File Systems, Teragrid
  • Technology Overview and Forecast
    Examples include Object Storage Devices, Data Grids, Archival Storage Systems, IPOD